Sing a rainbow

Last year we held a disco birthday party for our Boxing Day babe between Christmas and New Year. The kids had so much fun that I decided to rebook Partyrockerz again, but this time we held it before Christmas so more of her friends could make it! It wasn't ideal holding a party in the middle of Christmas madness - and the day after your Christmas party- but it was worth seeing the Sophie so excited and having a great time.

After seeing the Poppies for Grace rainbow balloon arch I was inspired and we ('me') based the whole day around singing, rainbows and bright colours. I picked up some beautiful decorations from House of Party and then mixed them back with Kmart party decorations. The result was a riot of colour (so not me!) but we all loved it. Perfect for our nearly 7 year old! Alex from Partyrockerz kept the kids entertained with karaoke, disco dancing and games. As you can see Soph really got into it with some good old closed eye singing and dancing, and from all reports her friends had a great time too. After the singing and dancing, and some party food, we sang happy birthday and enjoyed some fabulous cupcakes and rainbow cookies (um hello, Tastee Treats 4U). And the kids had a bash on the piñata.

Here are some pics of the day. Now excuse me while I turn my attention to Christmas - and have a lie down!!

(PS my bro in law expertly put together the rainbow balloon arch - he did such a spectacular job! - I'm the ideas person and I always need people to help me with crafty projects).


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