Do you care enough? Of course you do!

I always love including a card with a gift or a thank you note to some one who goes the extra mile. My girls also LOVE writing on cards for their many parties (these girls have a way better social life than me!) In this fast paced world where everyone has everything the need to have personal touch is vitally important.

Research has shown that 70% of Australian adults think a card in the mail "would make them feel more special". Which I think translates into 'yo, sending me a Facebook prompted birthday message isn't that special!".

We've teamed up with Hallmark to showcase some cute card designs and to remind everyone to 'care enough' and to put pen to paper. The girls particularly LOVE all the sound and music cards like Peppa Pig, Barbie and Superman - they have been a huge hit! The gift recipients have also been excited to receive cards that sing or talk to them.

So if you like to party or send special notes remember you need to care enough,

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