concrete jungle where dreams are made of.....Part 2

When we travelled to Williamsburg (you can see my Part 1 here), we purchased a 7 day subway Metrocard so that we had subway transport to get uptown and around. While we were in New York we mixed up our transport and used subway to get uptown, cabs for shorter trips (like to restaurants) and Uber if we needed anything fancier/bigger. As we had our US sim card in our phone, calling an Uber was super easy - they are everywhere!

Day 4

After a slow start (we were quite frankly exhausted) we headed uptown to Central Park for the zoo and to then meet for a picnic in Sheep Meadow (Central Park) with all the wedding guests. Although the weather was meant to be only 18 degrees it was a warm 18 degrees and a beautiful sunny day! We didn't dress appropriately for the lovely conditions!

I had a minor meltdown on the streets of New York after having issues navigating us properly to the subway station (Google Maps let me down!) but once we were on the subway we zipped uptown and across to Central Park in about 10 minutes.

The park is always busy on the weekend, and despite having been to New York 4 times I am still yet to truly cover off all, or even, most of the park!

Our first stop was the zoo which is small but super cute. Perfect for young kids as its easily accessible for prams and little legs. Although there isn't a huge amount of animals the girls loved seeing the seals, penguins, snow leopards and I was pretty impressed at seeing a HUGE grizzly bear snoring away enjoying a nap. He was mammoth!

We then headed to the Tisch Children's Zoo which is like an oversized petting zoo with a little playground. Best of all the zoo is super reasonable - I think the tickets were about $12 each.

We then headed to Sheep Meadow (a huge grassy expanse in the park) to meet up with the other wedding guests. Rather than cart a whole lot of food we grabbed some picnic food from WholeFoods at Columbus Circle (near where we caught the subway to). Although the area was super busy, we enjoyed beautiful weather, good food and great company. As we were meeting up with the other wedding guests, it was great to hear what they had gotten up to and to really get excited about the upcoming wedding. Although alcohol is not necessarily permitted within the park, heaps of people take it in and there are also people who walk around with eskies selling it on the DL.

Sadly Soph slept for about 2 hours at the park as she was exhausted/coming down with a bug but once she came to, we bought them bubble guns from the children's playground at the park which were hugely popular with them. I was also excited as I saw Tom Hanks walking through the park after we bought them.

As the weather was so lovely, we ended up staying at the park until close to 7.30pm.

Following the park, the guys went to a 'tame' bucks night (which turned out anything BUT) and the bride and bridesmaids (including moi) had a late night spray tan.

Day 5

This weather was pretty rainy and cold and it was the day before the wedding so a quiet day was on the cards for us.

Mum and I took the girls for vegemite toast at Bluestone Lane and then for a spot of shopping in the Flatiron District. The girls did enjoy the Lego Store and I enjoyed a walk around the fabulous ABC Carpet and Home (one of my faves). The weather though was not entirely conducive and walking in torrential rain with a pram and a 6 year old was not ideal.

The Flatiron District also has the lovely Eataly (which I am STILL yet to get to) and heaps of other lovely stores so it is worth a look. The Flatiron Building is a personal favourite of mine so I always go to check it out.

That night, we headed to a pre wedding dinner at our firm favourite Buddakan Restaurant in Meatpacking. Its the restaurant where Carrie and Big had their wedding rehearsal dinner. The food is sensational so go with empty stomaches!

Day 6

Wedding Day! I'll have to do a whole separate post about this (if I am allowed) because it was too gorgeous and so special! Just spectacular. Here are some of the pics I shared on instagram post wedding.

Day 7

Post-wedding recovery day! As a treat for the girls who were so well behaved at the wedding we headed back uptown to Times Square (my least favourite area of NYC due to the crowds) to pay a visit to the Disney Store. The girls were in 7th heaven and I have to admit it is difficult not to get caught up in the Disney excitement just being in the store. We made a few Moana purchases and the girls left VERY satisfied.

We then briefly walked around Times Square and then headed to the Rockefeller Centre to see the Jeff Koon 50 ft inflatable ballerina.

The girls were exhausted so we then headed home before I set off for a NY Mets night match which was freezing but fun! The subway took about an hour to get but so worth it for the experience. The food and drink options at the field (Shake Shake anyone?!) were delicious.

Stay tuned for Part 3!


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