let's hear it for New York, New York, New York......Part 1

We are just (a few weeks ago) back from our long awaited and very exciting trip to New York. It was fabulous, frenetic, fun and fast......and not without some mental breakdowns from yours truly.

I've been to New York a couple of times, but not for about 5 years, so I was keen to get back and explore the city with the kids. We had an amazing time and even got to celebrate my sister's wedding (surprise!) while we were there. We packed a lot in and I'm writing this diary to remind me as well as share it with you!

The girls were awesome (albeit tired) and it took me a couple of days to limit my expectations of what we would be able to achieve each day. But we still ticked everything off our list of things we wanted to get done!

Our travelling party included my Mum, sister and her now husband and the 4 of us. Over there we met other friends and Mitch's family for the wedding so it was one big party.

Here is Part 1 of our trip!

Day 1

We arrived in NYC on Thursday afternoon exhausted with Millie vomiting at JFK airport. The customs experience in Los Angeles airport was a slow nightmare and was probably my most hated experience on the whole journey. Once we had sorted cabs for our journey to Manhattan the trip really begun.

We arrived at our air bnb in the West Village (BEST place to stay) and went to find food on Bleecker Street (at around 9pm) in balmy Spring weather. The kids were fairly buzzed about arriving and didn't really head to bed until about 10.30pm.

Day 2

We woke up to another warm (36 degree) day in NYC and this was our first real opportunity to explore our neighbourhood and get the trip started. We found the local coffee shop for the coffee drinkers in our group (Bluestone Lane in Carmine Street and Merriweather on Hudson Street were the top picks).

We then took a walk around the West Village, working our way down to the Meatpacking District. To escape the warm weather we headed to the Whitney Museum, where if I am being honest, I barely looked at the art. The kids were exhausted and the visit wasn't entirely relaxing. Having said that, the views from the various balconies overlooking downtown and the Statue of Liberty were pretty fab.

We then had a walk along The High Line, the fab park that goes for blocks and blocks over a disused railway, followed by some afternoon drinks at the Standard - where we met up with my cousin Stacey whose trips to NYC overlapped ours. By that point we had all hit a wall as the jet lag set in so a quiet night was had!

Day 3

After scorching temps, the temperature dial was turned down and we had a grey and overcast day which was a welcome change. We decided to visit Smorgasburg in Williamsburg which is supposedly the largest weekly outdoor food fair. It was great to visit Brooklyn and check out all the different food options - there were a lot.....spaghetti donut anyone?! After finishing up at Smogasburg we took the kids to Brooklyn Bowl for bowling (for them) and drinking (for us).

The girls were super tired following this so while most of the grown ups went out to dinner at Catch, the girls had a night in with my husband (who took one for the team!).

Hot tip

My sister and her husband researched and found a great SIM card from T-Mobile which we grabbed for our phones. It gave us a US number and data which meant we could use our phones for maps, booking restaurants, research and social media. You can't dial Australian numbers from it but we used Whatsapp instead. It cost us US$55 and was a game changer. No worry about roaming charges etc.

Stay tuned for future posts on our trip!


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