Sophie and Millie's room refresh

Last year we decided to put Sophie and Millie in the same room, and turn Millie's room into a playroom. There was a couple of reasons for this:

1) we couldn't figure out how to fit a single bed into Millie's room without losing all the storage and play space; and

2) we wanted to create a playroom for the girls so we didn't have to have a lounge room full of toys (sound familiar?!)

The only proviso my husband had was: let's not spend a lot of money....typical husband!

I had a general idea what I wanted, but had Hayley Neal, the genius behind This Little Love and This Little Studio in to consult which gave me the impetus to finesse and finalise my design. It was amazing to get her input and styling assistance.

We've had the rooms for a few months and its been great. The only pieces of furniture we bought were the bunk beds from Domayne and the Stuva drawers from Ikea for the playroom. The rest we moved around and reconfigured.

Hayley came back and took these gorgeous pictures for me last week. Of course, it doesn't look like this all the time but they are nice functional rooms. For those who are on the fence about kids sharing it! We've had no problems whatsoever and it is so lovely tucking them in in the one room each night.

Hope you enjoy these photos! Pictures of the playroom will follow tomorrow. Suppliers are listed at the end.

Bunk bed: Domayne

Rug: Armadillo & Co

Clothes hanging rack: Such Great Heights

Library: Oeuf (from Kido Store)

Leather bunting: Hubble & Duke

Linen: Adairs, In Bed, Country Road, Kip and Co

Wooden treasure board: One Two Tree


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