Sophie + Millie gift guide: my wish list

I've already got my Christmas present: my new mirror splash back in our kitchen (I'm in LOVE). Still, a girl can have a wish list can't she?

(PS it seems like my wish list has a colour theme!)

1. Viola textile slide, $79.95, Country Road

2. Lily dress, $240, Tuchuzy

3. The Sicilian weekender, $359, The Wanderers Travel Co

4. Layla sunglasses, $119, Country Road

5. Kreafunk headphones (for our NYC trip in May), $155, Amara Living

6. Lily top, $155, Tuchuzy

7. Star keyring, $49.95, The Daily Edited

8. Marble coffee table, $1,098, Harper's Project

9. Create your own necklace with letters and dmojis, from $10, Emporium D

10. Super Cindy modern matte lipstick, $48, Charlotte Tilbury (check out all the colours - hot!)

11. Lester Black buttercream colour nail polish, $20, Darling x Two


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