Sophie + Millie Christmas gift guide: for the girls!

(the girls on Christmas day last year!)

So I saw something today which said that it is just a mere 50 shopping days till Christmas. I'm sorry to be crass while I'm putting together a Christmas gift guide but WTF. I mean it feels like just a couple of weeks ago it was September, and now its November and there are decorations in the shops everywhere! And I am severely underprepared in the present department, particularly for my girls.

Millie's request for a present at the moment is 'Paw Patrol playdoh' which makes me cringe for a number of reasons - 1) play doh, 2) Paw Patrol and 3) I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist!

So to help myself I'm putting together this blog post which I hope you'll also enjoy. I've tried to steer clear of the usual licensed merch (sorry Paw Patrol! - you know where to grab that from!) If you like what you see click on the link and it will take you through to the store's website to purchase. Easy!

Here we go:

1. Havianas Slim Pop Gold, $24.99, Havianas Australia

2. Cactus lunch box, $19.95, Lark Store

3. Boater hat, $34.95, My Messy Room

4. Sack Me Doll Bedding, $29, Love by Five

5. Clam float, $79.90, Jack and Willow

6. Watermelon jelly shoes, $24.95, Seed Heritage

7. Soft pink bubble playsuit, $70, Hubble and Duke

8. Minnie and Mickey Mini Melissas, $89.95, Love By Five

9. Rainbow neon light, $39.95, Darling x Two

10. Flamingo watering can, $24.95, Seed Heritage

11. Make Me Iconic Toy Bickies, $34.90, Jack and Willow

12. Sons and Daughters eyewear, various, Alfie Wild Kids

13. Unicorn ball, $16, Love By Five

14. Le Toy Van Bay Tree Dollhouse, $274.90, Jack and Willow

15. Flamingo lunch box, $24.95, Seed Heritage

16, Little People, Big Dreams Range (Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, Maya Angelou, Marie Curie etc - perfect to inspire little girls!), $19.99, Love by Five

17. Educational posters, $24.95, We Are Squared

18. Sack me flamingo slumber sack, $199.95, Love by Five

19. Rainbow wool rug by Kip and Co, $159, Lark Store

20. No Nasties Pretty Play Makeup, $24.95, Love By Five (we've used it, and its great!)

21. Mermaid dress up tail, $29.95, Seed Heritage

22. Cam Cam Copenhagen Doll cot, $169.95, Jack and Willow

23. Watermelon case (to store all their assortment of Shopkins, Kinder Surprise, the crap....), $29.95, Love By Five

24. Nailmatic washable (yes!) nailpolish (assorted colours), $10.95, Love By Five

25. Swan, The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova, $32.90, Jack and Willow

26. Luggy basket, $75, Olli and Ella

27. Neon words board book, $14.95, Lark Store

28. Pizza Co iPad game system, $59.95, Osmo

29. Unicorn skittles, $25, Love by Five

30. Felt mask, $24.95, Seed Heritage

31. Bella Buttercup My Place doll bed, $150, Jack and Willow

32. The Captain Petite Roundie beach towel, $79, Darling x Two

33. Little Kirstin Ash jewellery collection, selection of necklaces, bracelets and charms, My Messy Room (and they come beautifully boxed as above - you can see they are a favourite of mine!)

34. Alphabet letters melamine sippy cup, $18, Alfie Wild

35. Coco Chanel kokeshi, $65.95, Love by Five

36. Krispy Dreme metallic sprinkle cushion. $55, Love By Five

37. Unicorn float, $99.95, Seed Heritage

38. Ice Cream necklace, $35, My Messy Room

39. Waterproof camera, $26.95, Seed Heritage

40. Inflatable cactoss, $35, Lark Store

41. Dreamer storage box, from $61.60, Gold Frankincense Myrrh

42. unicorn clothing patch, $9.95, Lark Store

43. Amelie doll, $62.90, Jack and Willow

44. Celeste tiered dress, $59, Minouche

45. Swan organiser, $49, The Wall Collective

46. Colin's Campervan, $64, Odds and Evie

47. Rose gold saltwater sandals, $74.95, Odds and Evie

48. Unicorn hooded bath wrap, $69, Pottery Barn Kids (we have these and they are fantastic!)

49. Stripe frill bathers, $29.95, Seed Heritage

50. Harlan teether, $39.95, This Little Love

51. Grimm's Pastal rainbow tunnel, $132, Dear Friend

52. Unicorn rattle, $29.95, This Little Love

53. Fruit and vegetables market, $84.95, Dear Friend

54. pom pom basket, $26.95, Global Kidz

55. Kip & Co x May Gibbs wattle dance quilt, $189, Global Kidz

56. Missy Munster rashie cossie, $70, My Messy Room

57. Reindeer clip (assorted colours), $9.95, Love by Five

58. Bella and Lace circus sparkle outfit, $150, My Messy Room

59. Initial trucker cap, $24, Billie The Kid

60. Swim cap, $14.95, Cotton On Kids

61. Djeco snowglobe, $74.95, Entropy Kids

62. Lelbys bean chair (these are the most tasteful ones on the market!), $109, Lelbys

63. Playhouse treasure board (affixes to their wall for easy storage of their treasures), $199, One Two Tree

64. Unicorn erasers, $8, Love By Five

65. Watermelon roundie towel, $49.95, Seed Heritage

66. G. Nancy Come Fly with Me shortie pjs, $59, Baby Donkie

67. Brio kitchen stove and sink combo, $249, Leo & Bella

68. Ballerina silhouette puzzle, $29.95, Entropy

69. Teepee, $129, Hip Kids

70. Flamingo string lights, $18.95, Lark Store

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