Kid free in Hobart

This weekend Cam and I were lucky enough to spend a weekend (child free!) in Hobart, Tasmania. It was the first time we have left both girls and I have to say, while we missed them terribly, it was wonderful to spend time together - just us. I already overshared on instagram (indulge me - its rare that I am away, and child free!) but here are some extras from our trip.

We flew down to Hobart on Friday morning and after checking in at the hotel (more on it below), we immediately went for a walk around the the foreshore to Salamanca and Battery Point, and then on into the Hobart CBD just soaking in the lovely city. The fact that the city has kept so many lovely old house and buildings is terrific. The sun in winter sets at around 4.45pm so it got dark and even chillier very quickly, but nothing a warm coat, beanie and gloves couldn't fix.

Our dinner was at the gorgeous Franklin restaurant in the Hobart CBD. The interiors were concrete, timber and we sat at the open kitchen and watched them do their thing (cooking)- just stunning.

Saturday morning is Salamanca Markets morning. Its hugely popular amongst the locals and tourists, and while I don't necessarily find anything to my taste there, its good for a wander around and also a chance to grab some nice food from the food stalls.

Then we headed off on the MONA ferry to the fantastic Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). The ferry trip itself is a treat. Book the posh pit tickets for the exclusive lounge which comes with canapes and unlimited drinks (I snuck in a few champers!). MONA is set underground with a curated collection of, well, old and new art. Some of it is a little 'out there' (wall of plaster va-jay-jays anyone?) but it is all really interesting. There's also a winery and some restaurants and bars to complete your MONA experience.

On our last day we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast (a rarity when you have kids!) and then took a stroll to the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens before we headed to the airport.

Both times we have been to Hobart we have stayed at The Henry Jones Art Hotel. Like the name suggests it is a hotel full of art and is set in a gorgeous old warehouse on the Hobart foreshore. We love it! I also spotted this gorgeous architecturally designed gem - The Barn. I'd love someone to stay here and tell me all about it!

Biggest thanks goes to my Mum and my sister @alexandrakeating and her partner Mitch who stood up to the plate and looked after the girls for us. It was such a joy to have some adult time in Hobart, and also the biggest joy to get back and see the girls!

Here are some pictures from our trip. I hope you enjoy! x


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